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"We've been working with First Toddle® for our daughter's physical therapy sessions. She uses it as parallel bars to walk through. It has been really good for her stability and support, and our Physical Therapist was so impressed she actually ordered one for her own practice. Maya loves First Toddle®, our 4-year old, she uses it as a balance beam, she throws blankets over it and pretends it's a fort, she'll sit on it and lay down and watch a movie, she uses it as a jungle gym. It's a really fun toy!"

Janalyn Watkins - Mesa, AZ

"We've had the First Toddle® for four months now. Our son is 8-months old. He crawls to First Toddle every time we go into the play room -- he loves to play with it. He has learned to pull himself up through the bars. Also, it gives him the strength and the courage to learn to stand on his own. He's just about getting ready to walk. We really enjoy it, we'd recommend it to anyone, it's fun for all ages."

Shallon Tims - Phoenix, AZ


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