First Toddle ® Baby Gym

Physical Development System for Special Needs Children

* Product may vary slightly from photos

One of the primary benefits of First Toddle® is that it can help infants learn to stand and walk and provides a safer environment for new toddlers to practice these vital skills.

Standing and walking are especially important because they change an infant's perspective, improving self-esteem and encouraging motor activity and exploration without having to fully depend on others.

The upper horizontal bars of First Toddle® adjust to three levels, providing a stable framework for older children or children who need a little more support.

  • Low Setting (17")

  • High Setting (27")

  • C.W. – 27 mos.

Studies indicate that with the help of treadmills, parallel bars, and other aids, children with Special Needs learn to stand and walk earlier, providing them with greater opportunity to reach their development potential.

First Toddle® is a cost-effective, in-home supplement to other helpful pediatric therapies.

First Toddle® will help your child experience the thrill of standing and walking and all of its short- and long-term benefits.